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If you follow my photography blog, you might have seen this photo shoot a few weeks ago.  
If not, let me introduce you to the beautiful Kathleen of Grosgrain Fabulous

I wanted to share this shoot because y'all responded really well to my "[self-shot] family photoshoot" and I thought this might help.  When you are getting family photos, it always ends up being a more relaxed session when children are added in bit by bit to the family photo instead of trying to make every kiddo stand perfectly where they are supposed to.  Two year olds just don't get it! :)  This shoot  perfectly illustrates the sequencing among the chaos that is family photography. If you look closely, you can tell how I set up the family shots, starting with the calmest members of the family (mom and baby) pose for portraits and get my light, settings and angle perfect.  Slowly I add in family members by having them "give mommy a kiss" or "can you squeeze mommy's legs really tight?".  At the last minute, I have the exact spot ready for Dad and our resident 2 year old and I have exactly 3 frames to get the perfect family shot.  By the end of the shoot, the only thing that works is singing "Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star" on repeat as the sun sets over a horizon.

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Want to get this shot?

Start with bebe.  Take a few portraits of him alone...
Say hey to big responsible sis -- wanna come sit with your baby bro?

Mama - hop in!
Ok -- next sister?

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Ok dad - bring on the big guns -- time for the toddler!

So I hope that helps you when staging family shots -- I'd love to see your experiments -- care to share?
Just remember to always start with the calmest, easy-to-stay-still family members and build from there!

Want to see Kathleen's take on the day?  Check out HER POST about our session!

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Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos Amy, you've done a lovely job!